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New Dimensions for Bass (2005)

Learn the basic rudiments that make up Doug Wimbish's unique sound and style - his personal warm ups, right-hand variations, dynamics, false harmonics and Doug's famous "Flamenco Slap." He'll show you how to construct bass lines for any style of music. Learn to use effects that will make your Bass sound like a keyboard, guitar, drums or even a DJ. This program is "Off the Chain!

Doug reveals the secrets that make him the most versatile and sought after bass player in the world. Familiar names on Doug's resume include Living Colour, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Anne Lennox and Mick Jagger, to name just a few. Also includes free lesson book and online web membership to for 24-hour lesson support. Ask the teacher, interactive tools, sheet music, student forums, download backing tracks, tuner, metronome, and much more!
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Trippy Notes For Bass

The first solo album from Doug Wimbish!
Featuring Will Calhoun, Kieth LeBlanc, Skip MacDonald, Adrian Sherwood and more.

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This CD lives up to it's name with a wide array of tones, grooves and samples. Wimbish pulls out lots of toys, including acoustic and electric 4, 5, 6 & 12-string basses, acoustic fretless and cyber midi bass. He also provides keys, vocals and "weird noises" that permeate the mix.

Those familiar with Doug's work will recognise the contributions of longtime collaborators like guitarist Skip MacDonald, keybaordist Adrian Sherwood, drummer Will Calhoun, percussionist Keith LeBlanc and the rest of the "usual suspects" of Doug's possie. Alex Forster provides some smooth sax lines to tracks like 'Gangster'

This CD has a decidedly ambient flavor; yet another direction from one of the most versatile bassists on the scene. Wimbish and crew combine not only samples and modern synth tones, but also dip into the analog bag - twisting delay pedal knobs for Hendrix-like effects. In fact, delay permeates much of the mix, sometime subtle, sometimes dramatically, giving the disk it's "trippy" feel.

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